Watoto Villages

Our Watoto village setting reflects a familiar traditional dwelling for people in Africa. The houses in our villages are positioned in clusters of nine houses, and provide all the essentials of a basic home.

At the heart of every Watoto village is the family structure. Watoto believes that when orphaned and vulnerable children are placed in a loving family environment, with a mother and siblings who love them, the children find a place that they can call home. The villages incorporate outdoor spaces with sports fields and landscaped areas that allow the children to play and develop their social skills.

We aim to create an eco-friendly environment for these children, raising them to become leaders who bring sustainable change to their nation and beyond. To make this possible, Watoto is implementing better ways of building sustainable and cost-effective homes and villages by harvesting rainwater and using solar energy.

Father’s Heart

Through a program called Father’s Heart, men from Watoto Church commit themselves to becoming father figures and positive male role models to a specific Watoto home. They visit whenever they can to help the children with their homework, to play with younger children and to disciple the older boys.


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