Visit Watoto

Visit Watoto

Both the Watoto and African experience are demonstrated most effectively when you become immersed in them.

Visiting Watoto
Pay a visit any time to the Watoto projects in Uganda. Visit Watoto for any preferred length of time and experience first-hand what Watoto is all about. Your visit will entail a guided tour of any one of the Watoto villages to see the children's homes, schools, Baby Watoto facilities and some of the Watoto sustainability projects.

You will  interact and spend time with the children, mothers, teachers and others at Watoto. For more details, please contact the Watoto country office closest to you.

Whatever your gift or interest, we would love you to come and see what’s happening on the ground.

Since Watoto first started, teams from around the world have visited Africa to build homes and classrooms for the Watoto villages, along with various other Watoto facilities. We welcome teams of all sizes to come and serve alongside our team through building & maintenance projects, ministry, medical or simply just to visit our Watoto projects to see how you can partner further with us.

Global Teams 2017 
As an individual, you may be unable to set up a team of your own, but still want to get involved. The global team option is tailor made for you. Join others like you around the world and participate in a Watoto project as one team.
- April Baby Watoto Team 7th - 21st April
- June Build Team 1st - 15th June
- July Baby Watoto Team 7th - 21st July
- August Build Team 4th - 18th August
- August Community Outreach Team 4th - 18th August
- September Baby Watoto Team 1st - 15th September
- November Baby Watoto Team 3rd  - 17th November

Visitors coming into Uganda are required to apply for a visa.  For any inquiries regarding visa applications and costs, please visit

Note: Single entry visas can be obtained at the airport however, it is better to apply for before travelling to Uganda.  The rest of the visas are issued at the immigration Head Quarters in Kampala with the help of a Watoto Representative.

If you would like to inquire from a Watoto representative about visas, please contact the Watoto country office closest to you.

Give and Receive
By giving your time and resources, we believe that you will be blessed too. The experience will leave you changed.


Individuals are invited to volunteer with Watoto for at least one month . Applications are accepted based on current opportunities.


Build Team

Build Teams develop necessary structures to facilitate the work of Watoto. This may include construction, landscaping, renovations and general maintenance. 


Mission Team

Ministry Teams provide discipleship, trauma counselling and social outreach, contributing to the spiritual and social needs of the Watoto community.


Medical Team

Medical Teams come along to provide specialised treatment for the women and children. They train and provide outreach clinics in the community.


Global Team

Global Teams are made up of individuals of various skills around the world unable to create their own teams but eager to visit as part of a group.