Watoto Neighbourhood

The most marginalised and wounded people in Africa are women. Left abandoned or widowed, many victims of sex trafficking and HIV+, they are destitute fearing that their children will soon join the ranks of Africa’s countless orphans.

Through Watoto Neighbourhood, we are committed to millions of women who bear the brunt of these horrific injustices. Their key needs include housing, healthcare support, employment and education for their children. As we embrace them by meeting their essential needs and empower them to take care of their own families, together we are engaging community for positive transformation.

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1. Spiritual and Life Skills Discipleship
Introducing a Christian mindset and lifestyle based on the word of God. The ladies receive guidance on maintaining a Godly self-image, relationships, parenting, housekeeping, conflict resolution, community engagement and productivity.

2. Functional Adult Literacy Education
Training is provided in functional literacy, numeracy and English to create access to information, community and business. This activity includes training in public speaking, arts and crafts, dealing with domestic violence and reproductive health.

3. Trauma Rehabilitation
The ladies are introduced to the power of Jesus Christ through forgiveness. They are given the opportunity to process and find freedom from the impact of their traumatic experiences. They receive trauma counselling, giving them the tools to confront their past, so they’re able to embrace their future.

4. Business Skills Training
This program helps the ladies become successful businesswomen and pillars of influence in their communities. It includes insight on business as a separate entity, choosing and locating a business, basic planning, customer services, book keeping and general financial management. (Certified by Uganda Investment Authority)

5. Income Generating Activities
There are several income generating activities in operation that allow women to earn an income by participating in the following productions: tailoring, jewellery and beading, peanut butter, animal husbandry and horticulture, bee keeping and basic baking.

6. Keep a Girl in School
Keep a Girl in School aims to reduce the primary school dropout rate and increase primary school exam completion among adolescent girls in Uganda. This is achieved through the provision of sanitary towels and hygiene supplies along with education life skills and character development. Watch a video message from Emily, one of the girls in our neighbourhoods.

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