Baby Watoto

Baby Watoto cares for abandoned babies and toddlers aged between 0 and 2, doing everything possible to give them the best start in life. 

There are many vulnerable babies in Africa who are abandoned or orphaned due to poverty, lack of education and the HIV/AIDS crisis. Almost all of them fail to make it to their 5th birthday because of the much-needed intense care and medical attention that their immediate relatives cannot provide.

It is common for the babies to be premature, abused, neglected and to have serious medical complications when they arrive. From the moment they arrive, Watoto does all it can to provide them with every opportunity to live healthy, fruitful and influential lives.

The babies come to Watoto from a number of referral sources, such as hospitals, local authorities, child protection units, ‘good Samaritans’, and other homes and care organisations.

Giving Them a Future

When they are older and have become physically well enough, these babies either graduate to a Watoto village or, where appropriate, are reunited with relatives.


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