Watoto 360° is Watoto church’s discipleship programme that was launched in 2010, to holistically disciple young adults with emphasis on spiritual growth, character development and preparation for service.


  • Watoto 360° is committed to Discipling a whole person so as to transform a whole community and the whole world for God’s glory.
  • Mission Statement:  “Discipling a whole person to transform a whole community and the whole world.”
  • Our mission is based on I Timothy 4:8:
  • “Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.”


  • Stimulate spiritual growth in the young people’s lives
  • Inspire young people to discover their purpose in life
  • Prepare young people to serve God in the local church
  • Prepare young people to impact their communities and the world for Christ
  • Strengthen one’s ability to relate with others


  • Class sessions: Interactive teaching and learning in a classroom setting
  • Practical ministry: Involvement of students in ministry activities within the Watoto family and in the community
  • Recreational experiences: Participation in activities such as sports, music, dance, cultural events, trips within Uganda etc for relationship building and talent development


  • Community outreach: Slum areas, hospitals, schools, prisons etc.
  • Church ministry: Mid-week services, weekend celebration services, special events.
  • Internship: Students are attached to various departments within Watoto Ministries to serve and learn practicallyWrite to training.centre@watotochurch.com for more information.