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Through your generous support, vulnerable women like Nubu who were once uneducated, abandoned and without hope have been embraced with the love of Christ.


Life before Nubu came to Watoto was difficult. Growing up she wasn’t able to go to school and became involved with a man at a young age. He abandoned her, and she had little resources to care for herself or her children. They used to live in a house made of banana leaves that would flood during the rainy season. As a mother, she felt helpless.

But life changed when a friend invited her to Watoto. It’s here she learned her value in Christ as she went through discipleship and adult literacy classes. She was also taught how to make jewellery and is now able to earn a living and provide for her children.

To all of our sponsors, Nubu shares her heartfelt gratitude, “Thanks for bringing so much joy to our hearts, our children and our families. We now have hope in the future.”