Service Above Self

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Richard Manya is a Watoto graduate.

“Ever since I was a child, I wanted to join the army for the love of my country. I was late for the recruitment at the time of my graduation, so I decided to still serve by joining the police force. I love what I am doing,” he says.

Richard currently serves in the Uganda Police Force and just months in, he has already been placed in charge of a police post in one of the districts. He joined the force in April 2014 after he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law.

Richard joined Watoto in June 2000 after losing his mother to HIV/AIDs and being abandoned by his father with no one to care for him. The local community contacted the police, but they failed to find any relatives. Watoto was then contacted and soon Richard was brought into a loving home.

The group graduating from tertiary level this year was a historic one as this was the first-ever primary class to attend Watoto’s I.D Raymer Primary school.

Over 25 students graduated with honours from different universities and tertiary institutions. 

“You are a fulfillment of a dream that God put in our hearts 20 years ago - a dream to rescue and raise vulnerable children,” said Marilyn Skinner to the graduates.

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