Watoto And Covid19 23 April

We have great news regarding our children and adults on our 2 Watoto Children’s Choirs that travelled back to Uganda.

The 14 members of the choir returning from the UK who initially tested positive for the coronavirus, have all recovered and have now tested negative and are in a period of self-isolation. The other 8 members of this team, who tested negative for the coronavirus from the start, are nearing the end of their period of self-isolation and will be reunited with their families in the coming days.

The 22 members of the choir who returned from Canada were free of the coronavirus and have successfully been reunited with their families after completing their mandatory quarantine and additional self-isolation period.

All of the Watoto children, mothers and staff in our Watoto Villages and Baby Watoto facilities remain unexposed to the virus and are safe and healthy.

We want to thank the Government of Uganda and the Ministry of Health officials for their leadership and support during this time.

And we want to thank you – our Watoto family - for your continued prayers, support and encouragement. It means the world to us.