An Opportune Moment

“My name is Elita Krause and this past summer, I had the privilege to travel to Uganda with a group from Lifecentre Church to assist with a house painting project in the Watoto Village of Bbira. The people of Bbira were very welcoming and appreciative of our presence. I will always remember the happy sounds of children laughing, singing and running through the village as we contentedly painted with smiles on our faces. 

While we were there volunteering, I was able to visit my sponsor child, Peace, who lives in Bbira. It was such a pleasure to spend time with this joyful, kind, sweet-natured, beautiful and intelligent young lady. I visited her family’s home several times during our stay there and was delighted to be included in Peace’s 14th birthday celebration. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with the family as they have been such a blessing to me. 

At the Watoto Village, Suubi, I was honoured to be treated to a Ugandan meal with my two sponsor girls, Peace and Daphine. Daphine is a sweet little girl and I am so glad to know her. I have journeyed with Peace for some time now and I must say that she looked so grown up and lovely that day in Suubi.

At the end of my trip, it was sad to say goodbye to these wonderful friends. However, I am grateful to these special girls and to their families for their kindness, friendship and love.

For me, being a Watoto sponsor is not about what I can give to my sponsor children, but rather, it is what I can gain from knowing them: a sense of family, love and about giving to others. Isn’t that what life is all about?

I am impressed with the way Watoto helps bring women and children the structure of a loving godly family environment in a village with homes, schools, churches, social activities and community. Above all, there is LOVE.

I am so grateful to God, to Watoto and to Lifecentre Church for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to see and experience Uganda and to meet my wonderful sponsor children. ”

If you are interested in learning more about how you can make a difference and sponsor a life, please visit: or contact our office by phone at (toll free) 1.888.9.WATOTO or email to find out more.