Neighbourhood Mother

A Hand Up For Their Full Potential

Africa's greatest challenge is the treatment of her women. They have been left to bear the brunt of war, poverty and disease, and fallen victim to human trafficking and social injustice. Their key needs include housing, healthcare, employment and education for their children.

In addition, we work with schools to keep young girls in school and ensure they have a chance to see their dreams come true.

When you partner to sponsor a mother in our neighbourhood, you help empower her so that she can look after herself and her family. This sponsorship is not for a specific mother, but for all the mothers we empower as part of this initiative.

Neighbourhood Mother

Come alongside some of Africa's most vulnerable mothers as we embrace them with God's love and empower them, so they're able to take care of their own families. In addition, help keep girls in school so they have a good foundation to succeed in life and have strong families.

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