Watoto 360° is Watoto church’s discipleship programme that was launched in 2010, to holistically disciple young adults with emphasis on spiritual growth, character development and preparation for service.


  • Watoto 360° is committed to Discipling a whole person so as to transform a whole community and the whole world for God’s glory.
  • Mission Statement:  “Discipling a whole person to transform a whole community and the whole world.”
  • Our mission is based on I Timothy 4:8:
  • “Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.”


  • Stimulate spiritual growth in the young people’s lives
  • Inspire young people to discover their purpose in life
  • Prepare young people to serve God in the local church
  • Prepare young people to impact their communities and the world for Christ
  • Strengthen one’s ability to relate with others


  • Class sessions: Interactive teaching and learning in a classroom setting
  • Practical ministry: Involvement of students in ministry activities within the Watoto family and in the community
  • Recreational experiences: Participation in activities such as sports, music, dance, cultural events, trips within Uganda etc for relationship building and talent development


  • Community outreach: Slum areas, hospitals, schools, prisons etc.
  • Church ministry: Mid-week services, weekend celebration services, special events.
  • Internship: Students are attached to various departments within Watoto Ministries to serve and learn practicallyWrite to training.centre@watotochurch.com for more information.
*If you are making a new enquiry in AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND, please be aware we not taking new applications until 31st March 2019. We kindly ask you to fill the Australian Visit Watoto Expression of Interest that will automatically send you an information pack and will save your details for contact later. For more information, please call (03) 9646 6132 between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.