Volunteer With Watoto

Volunteer With Watoto

For those who are able to come for at least a month and more, you can enroll as an individual volunteer. 

Global Team
As an individual, you may be unable to set up a team of your own, but still want to get involved. The global team option is tailormade for you. Join others like you around the world and participate in a Watoto project as one team.
- April Baby Watoto Team 7th - 21st April
- June Build Team 1st - 15th June
- July Baby Watoto Team 7th - 21st July
- August Build Team 4th - 18th August
- August Community Outreach Team 4th - 18th August
- August Camp Team TBC
- September Baby Watoto Team 1st - 15th September
- November Baby Watoto Team 3rd  - 17th November

We have an application based admissions process for individual volunteers. It helps us better understand who you are and how best to place you. We take into consideration our current needs, your interest, skills, work and missions experience. Download the Volunteer Expression of Interest form, fill it out and send to a Watoto country office closest to you. 

Approved volunteers can begin fundraising, please contact the Watoto country office closest to you about advice on how to go about doing that.

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