A Life Transformed

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Anna Akello joined Living Hope in 2013. She currently works in the tailoring department and sits at her workstation humming in a low tone as she sews away at the colourful fabrics. In a week Anna is able to make 10 bags. She says it takes her quite a while because she takes her time with each bag and pays attention to every detail.

Prior to joining Living Hope Anna was in a very vulnerable state. She was emotionally broken with no one to give her a hand. She had just discovered that she was HIV+ and had no idea how she was going to carry on.

Her husband had abandoned her, leaving her emotionally and financially drained. Anna realised she had to be strong if she was to raise her three children. She worked tirelessly to raise money to take care of her family.

“I used to wake up at 6:00am to sew clothes for customers, then make my way to the market to sell food. It wasn’t easy getting customers since most of the women in the market sold the same kind of food,” she recalls.

Living Hope came in as a miracle from God. ‘”I was among the many ladies who God chose to give a new life. I was taught about the bible, and practical skills like tailoring and jewelry making. I was very excited when told that I would be learning tailoring and since I had some skills from what I used to do at home. This was a great opportunity for me to polish my tailoring skills,” Anna says.

At Living Hope Anna has been able to find love and belonging. She sees a bright future ahead. “The workshop and the ladies in it have become family to me. I always start my day by speaking a blessing over my work and the rest of the day,” says Anna.

Living Hope empowers women like Anna so that not only are each of their lives changed, but so are the lives of their children. Now Anna is a proud, dignified woman who is able to take care of her family. In fact, her oldest son is going to university this year.

To join us in empowering more ladies like Anna at Living Hope, email us at livingHope@watoto.com.